Jeremy Reed & the Ginger Light: Big City Dilemma

On the face of it, Big City Dilemma seems like an experiment – putting poetry to music has been done before, but never quite like this; the words come in and out of focus, adding an element of disorientation. Jeremy Reed is a long established and critically acclaimed poet, so whilst the project may seem experimental, it has a confidence which exceeds first steps into a new medium. It’s a trippy comedown machine; Reed’s sharp, angular poetry at times erupts from the electronic loops like the explosion of shining glitter at his poetry readings. Itchy Ear’s swirling electronic music is the perfect backing for the grimy, subterranean world evoked. The “A” side of the album takes us “big city side” to confront characters like kleptomaniac “Nifty Jim” and a re-invented Jack the Ripper. The “B” side focuses on portraits of subterranean characters and friends who startle with their precocity and eccentricity, people who quite often seem to be either on the edge of great things or just about to fall into oblivion. Both the ordinary and the unusual are sucked into Ginger Light’s forceful vortex, creating an unforgettable experience.



Label: Strike Force Entertainment
Release Date: 2012