Moon Panda: Make Well

What exactly is a Moon Panda? It’s difficult to say with any certainty, but this particular Moon Panda’s stated aim is to make “dreamy space pop for dreamy space people”, and the music contained on the Make Well EP is certainly suitable as a soundtrack for daydreaming. The EP prominently features singer and bass player Maddy’s sweet and drowsy vocals throughout, with enough variation on these five tracks to keep the listener’s interest.

It would be a wasted effort to attempt to comment on what the songs are about or analyse the lyrics, as this is abstract music to take you into. or out of, the zone. “Rick F****** Dalton” starts out with a Western twang but quickly transforms into insistent catchy electronica with a call to the sea, both the vocal and main melody line extended and languishing.

“Sirens” is like a night out in a trippy disco with an insistent instrumental hook; “It’s Nothing” is gentle and meandering, and the sensual stand-out “Slow Drive” has a hypnotic but chilled-out groove. Ethereal “Milky Way” serves to gently detach the listener from Moon Panda’s mysterious orbit. These are cool tunes for fellow creatures lost in space.



Label: Self Released
Release Date: 13 JUL 2020