Emma Noble: EP

British singer and songwriter Emma Noble started out as a backing vocalist for New Street Adventure, and has spent the last few years spinning records in the UK and Europe as one half of the DJ duo Noble & Heath.

Noble released a limited and now sold-out 7” vinyl in 2020, and this new EP features two of its tracks, “Woman Of The World” and “No Turning Back”, together with a new song, “Table Dancers” on a limited double 7” vinyl (again, already sold out) and download.

Noble has a deep love for soul, funk and disco, and this is well demonstrated here. “No Turning Back” is an uplifting anthem of empowerment, featuring brass and some impressive flute playing by Andrew Ross and Lucy Noble. “Woman Of The World” is a great cover from Marvin Gaye’s “lost” 1972 album You’re The Man, with Noble’s great vocal enhanced again by brass, flute and some rousing backing vocals by Louise Clare Marshall, Melanie Marshall and Emma Noble.

“Table Dancers”, a track designed to “encourage people to embrace their inner rascal”, features as both original version and more elaborate “Smoove” 7″ remix; it’s a good-spirited suggestion to let loose and have some fun, with Noble’s energy and charisma a defining feature of this track and EP.



Label: Cosmos Music
Release Date: 03 MAR 2021