Lissie: Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009)

Lissie released her debut album Catching A Tiger in 2010 to some acclaim, and since then has had an impressive career with a further three studio albums, two live albums, a piano “retrospective”, and the reputation for winning live performances.

Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009) adds to her discography, and began with Lissie digging through hard drives then assembling this material – a collection of previously unreleased formative compositions which predate her signing to a major label. According to Lissie it’s a “good overview of that era”, although none of the four tracks from 2007 EP Bright Side are included.

Many artists may shudder in horror to think of their early work; however these tracks certainly show a nascent ability for songwriting as well as performing. Lissie says the songs remind her of the “harder chapters” of her young adult life, and that this new album intends to balance the upbeat and introspective.

The songs and performances are all worthy of release, and the best are when Lissie is at her most individual – the jaunty and uplifting “All Be Okay” and the dramatic “No Sense At All”. There is a relatively wide range of styles – the country-influenced “Watch Over Me” is a twangy delight; the powerful and boisterous “Hey Boy” heads into rock; “Wishing On A Star” is catchy pop. Although most of the tracks take a direct and simple approach, a few show distinct ambition and willingness to experiment. “On My Chest” is intensely atmospheric, “Call Out The Beast” works with an unusual melody, and “It’s The Alcohol” has an unusual arrangement and production. The live acoustic version of “Simple Woman” demonstrates the strength of Lissie’s voice and her great ability as a performer.



Label: Cooking Vinyl
Release Date: 10 SEP 2021