Sonny Burnett: Late Night

Sonny Burnett is the musical pseudonym of American musician Sam Ford; the Late Night EP follows his 2021 album Death of an Empath, and features five new tracks “Severance”, “Whirry”, “Everhart”, “Tweed” and “Swanson” with the ”same themes, same locations, same plot points” as the album.

The one word abstract titles hint at the minimalistic style, sharing a similar glacial drama with Ford’s band Goodbye Heart. The sparse instrumentation and pure vocal leaves space for the listener’s imagination, with Ford’s voice pushed to emotional limits to great effect on the fragile “Tweed” and the gently rhythmic “Everhart”. This is wide-screen cinematographic music, the synth-heavy “Whirry” could be from the soundtrack of a lost ‘80s movie, and the intense and delicate “Swanson” from a European arthouse film.


Label: Bandcamp
Release Date: 05 NOV 2021