Ezra Furman: Sex Education Original Soundtrack, Songs from Season 3

Sex Education, Songs from Sex Education Season 3 continues Ezra Furman’s soundtrack to the Netflix British comedy-drama series, Sex Education, with this five track EP (currently download only).

Two of the songs are from Furman’s 2011 album with the Harpoons, Mysterious Power (the latter’s title track and “Don’t Turn Your Back on Love”), so what’s likely to be of most interest are the three new tracks, “Trans Mantra”, “Going to Brighton” and “Frying Pan”.

“Trans Mantra” is an upbeat anthem facing the difficulty of day to day life as a transgender person, with a declarative chorus that “I don’t want to know what they’re saying about me/I don’t want to know/I don’t want to show that it devastates me”.

The other two new songs are equally defiant; the raucous “Going to Brighton” extols a trip to the hip seaside English city, with a suitable lyric for the series (“and I was just 19/I must’ve seemed quite keen/ she broke me open, I was no longer on either team”). The brief, melancholic “Frying Pan” wisely suggests that attempting to blame cooking utensils for injury or damage serves no purpose.



Label: Bella Union Records
Release Date: 17 SEP 2021