Park Hye Jin: Before I Die

박 (Park) 혜진 (Hye Jin) is a South-Korean artist, DJ and producer who sings and raps in a distinctive English and Korean mix. Before I Die is her debut album, and follows the release of five singles and EPs since 2018 (“If U Want it”, “How Can I”, “Clouds”, “Like This”, “Y Don’t U”).

This is a young, fresh record with a good blend of the accessible and the experimental. Downtempo sensibilities mean that this is mostly a chilled out listen – there’s the gentle “Good Morning Good Night” and “i jus wanna be happy”, the quiet funk of “Me Trust Me”, and the minimalist  “Can I Get Your Number” and “Sunday ASAP”. The deep piano chords of the atmospheric single “Let’s Sing Let’s Dance” and “Where Did I Go” are characteristic of an album of hip groove.

The album was entirely written, produced and performed by Park, and there are some truly ambitious moments: the sweet repetition of “I Need You” combines trap beats with piano, and “Never Give Up” is insistently hypnotic. From time to time things are geared up – the industrial techno/hardcore of “Hey, Hey, Hey”, the full-on electronic “Never Die” and the dense title track. “Sex With Me (DEFG)”, with its modernistic use of samples and hint of Chicago footwork, and the idiosyncratic “Whatchu Doin Later” are interesting and contemporary.

우리는 이것을 많이 좋아합니다 (ulineun igeos-eul manh-i joh-ahabnida): we like this a lot.

Before I Die is available in all formats, including vinyl (various versions, the pick of which are a deluxe bundle with the album on 140g hot pink colour vinyl and an additional 7”, and a Zen bundle which includes the album on 140g baby blue vinyl and an additional 12”).




Label: Ninja Tune
Release Date: 10 SEP 2021