Jungle: Keep Moving EP

“Keep Moving” is from Jungle’s 2021 album Loving In Stereo, and is released here as a single with three remixes for a 12” vinyl and download. The song has been described as “the older sibling” to Jungle’s single “Busy Earnin’” (from their eponymous 2014 debut album), and is about “moving on and moving through hard times; a mantra to not worry about stuff too much but to be hopeful instead” according to one of the band’s founders, Josh Lloyd Watson, for Apple Music).

The original version of “Keep Moving” (included here) is an uplifting, energetic track, with a focus on positivity through change. The track is a modern disco symphony with Mellotron and strings, the distinctive piano riff created by putting Jungle’s studio piano through an RE-501 (a processor made by Roland) and layered with a vocal. Some of the more idiosyncratic lyrics are surprisingly suitable for an anthem – “in a new house/in the UK/if you change/keep moving, keep moving”. There’s apparently a 25 minute edit of the track, a “sonic adventure”, but this is currently unreleased.

The remix by Gaspard Augé, one half of the French duo Justice, and Victor Le Masne (Housse De Racket) takes us furthest away from the original by transposing the refrain and adding electronic steel drums. The “Dave Lee” remix by British DJ, producer and remixer Dave Lee (between 1990 and July 2020 best known as Joey Negro) enhances the funk and adds further disco flourish. For those interested in hitting the dance floor, the Blessed Madonna Remix (by American DJ and producer Marea Stamper) contains some inventive instrumental passage, and is well suited for a night out clubbing.

Note: there’s an impressive video for the track directed by Jungle and Charlie Di Placido with a dance troupe choreographed by Nathaniel Williams and Cece Nama. Also check out the “Keep Moving” dance tutorial on youtube.


Label: Groovin Recordings
Release Date: 25 FEB 2022